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"... I highly recommend you sit down, read, and absorb this example of God's grace, mercy, power, and deliverance."

- Joel Richardson, NYT Bestselling author, teacher and filmmaker

Jay Straub fell in love with flying after his first flying lesson at the age of 12. He earned his Private Pilot Certificate very soon after graduating from high school and less that two years later had his Commercial pilot Certificate and his first flying job that involved aerial photography. In the same time frame, Jay graduated with his Associate Degree and a Certificate in Aviation Management from Amarillo College.

Jay’s flying endeavors soared from oil fields to regional corporate opportunities until he joined American Airlines in 1986. He endured two in-flight emergencies, over his career, that he survived only by the grace of God. Jay earned the position of captain where he served until a tragic 12-foot fall from a defective jet bridge staircase while departing the Boeing 727. He landed on his head and sustained life-threatening injuries to his brain, and his wrist was shattered. By the miraculous saving grace of God, Jay survived the fall and recovered from his injuries after 18 months in hospitals and rehab.

Jay now shares his extraordinary story of God’s grace sparing his life and the message of his Savior Jesus Christ. He has spoken to audiences around the world through Evangecube, E3 Partners, and Uncharted Ministries.

Jay and his wife Letha live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

 "As I got ready for the 2nd day of our 3 day trip, I never would have guessed what was in store for us later that day.  I was Jay’s Flight Engineer and had the pleasure of flying with him on several previous occasions.  As a junior pilot, you always try to find qualities in Captains that you want to emulate later in your career.  As far as I was concerned, Jay was at the top of the list! His laid back demeanor, professionalism and flying skills always made for a great trip.  The events that took place that day and over the next several years, I would never wish on my worst enemy. I am convinced that NOBODY could have handled the entire situation with more grace and dignity than Jay Straub.  Thank you Jay for being such an inspiration before and after the accident."

- Ans Wishing, American Airlines Pilot and friend

"There have been several people in my life who have literally changed me. Jay Straub is one of them... It will be time well spent to take in Jay's story of God's intervention and how He has used it to bring hope to others!"

- Captain C. D. Ewell, Chief Pilot and Vice President Flight, American Airlines, rtd.

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"Jay Straub is a testimony to God's faithfulness, grace, and forgiveness... Jay's life is filled with amazing turns, and he has certainly suffered his share, but his life message is a tribute to God's redemption and restoration when we forgive others as He has forgiven us."

- Curtis Hail, missionary


"The rising pressure in Jay's battered skull was forcing his eyes nearly out of the sockets... What followed in the months and years after the accident early on demonstrated the power of his relationship with Jesus. You will find this book hopeful, encouraging and inspirational."

- Captain David Nelson, American Airlines, rtd.

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